Lead the Way with a Master’s Degree in Ministry from North Greenville University.

NGU offers comprehensive ministry programs fully online.

You want to apply Christian faith to all you do. You plan to attend seminary or divinity school, or to serve in your church.

Gain a solid foundation through an online Master of Arts in Christian Ministries or a Master of Divinity from North Greenville University.

Our online courses are flexible and allow you to learn on your own schedule, making it easier for you to balance your education with your other commitments. You’ll have access to our digital library, online discussion forums, and interactive course materials, which will enhance your learning experience and allow you to connect with your peers.

Here, you will obtain an education based on a biblical worldview that will prepare you for a variety of ministry-related pursuits.

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Grad Spotlight

Eden Crain Richardson

Graduated: 2018
Area of Study: Christian Studies

“You will learn what it means to gain a robust theological knowledge to serve the local church, love others, and share the good news of Jesus with the nations.”

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for students with a Master of Arts in Christian ministry or a Master of Divinity include:

  • Church Planter
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Deacon
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary
  • Non-profit Lead
  • Pastor/Elder
  • Bible Teacher
  • Youth Pastor

As a student at North Greenville University, you will be a part of a community which pours Christ into your soul. By bringing Christian principles to every facet of your educational journey, you can truly grow in Christ, lead a more personally rewarding life, and make a positive impact.